Enterprise and Expertise EKLER


An Experience confirmed

Julien Koci

Julien Koci, Chief Executive Officer

With a scientific training (Engineering degree, POST-GRADUATE DIPLOMA, Doctorate and Post Doctorate) and an experience in the basic research, Julien KOCI puts its skills for the benefit of the development of innovative solutions for the dental practice. A robust experience in the conception, the design as well as the realization of dentist’s cabinets brings him to get a pragmatic analysis of the dental practice. The industrial approach was not more than a natural step.
Worried about quality and perfection, he leads the improvments and oversees the manufacturing of our products.

From Conception to Manufacturing

The taking into consideration of the evolution of the dental practice and the progress of the technology, constantly led EKLER to INVENT, TO CONCEIVE and to MAKE unique solutions which ally as well the requirements of a high-performance lighting and a comfort of the patient as needs of communications.
That’s the way we offered:

  • 2005 - World Premiere : LUXIMA, Multimedia medical lighting (PATENT N° 0511831)
  • 2006 - ASTRAL, Lighting Medical multidirectional
  • 2007 - World Premiere : ELIO, Surgery Light with integrated camera
  • 2011 - World Premiere : Development of a proprietary technology avoiding the polymerization of composites
  • 2012 - World Premiere : ASTRA’LED, LED lighting with the standards medical
  • 2013 - Medical Multimedia Lighting with LED technology
  • 2013 - ELIO HD 40, Multimedia Surgery Light LED camera with Full HD, zoom 40x
  • 2013 - ELIO HD 60, Multimedia Surgery Light LED camera with Full HD, zoom 60x
  • 2013 - ELIO HDM, Multimedia Surgery Light LED camera with Full HD, providing the performance of a microscope

Our sharpened skills are now wildly recognized in domains such as :

Conception, design, development, manufacturing.

We are determinedly registered into an innovation approach .EKLER is situated in the Parisian suburbs. Our products are made in our own workshops with the cooperation of our local partners and benefit from the logoo « Made in France ».